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e2e retry blog post - initial retry script
// run_tests_with_retries.js
import { runCLI } from 'jest';
import jestConfig from './jest.config';
const NUM_RETRIES = 3;
async function runTestsAndRetry(jestConfig, retriesRemaining) {
const { results } = await runCLI(jestConfig, ['e2e/test']);
// If there were no failures or we're out of retries, return
if (!results.numFailedTests && !results.numFailedTestSuites) {
return Promise.resolve();
if (retriesRemaining === 1) {
return Promise.reject(new Error('Out of retries. Some tests are still failing.'));
// Compile a list of the test suites that failed and tell Jest to only run those files next time
const failedTestPaths = results.testResults
.filter((testResult) => testResult.numFailingTests > 0 || testResult.failureMessage)
.map((testResult) => testResult.testFilePath);
jestConfig.testMatch = failedTestsPaths;
// Decrement retries remaining and retry
retriesRemaining = retriesRemaining - 1;
console.log(`Retrying failed tests. ${retriesRemaining} attempts remaining.`);
return await runTestsAndRetry(jestConfig, retriesRemaining);
runTestsAndRetry(jestConfig, NUM_RETRIES);
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