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Recursively find a subview.
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface UIView (Recursion)
Return YES from the block to recurse into the subview.
Set stop to YES to return the subview.
- (UIView*)findViewRecursively:(BOOL(^)(UIView* subview, BOOL* stop))recurse;
#import "UIView+Recursion.h"
@implementation UIView (Recursion)
- (UIView*)findViewRecursively:(BOOL(^)(UIView* subview, BOOL* stop))recurse
for( UIView* subview in self.subviews ) {
BOOL stop = NO;
if( recurse( subview, &stop ) ) {
return [subview findViewRecursively:recurse];
} else if( stop ) {
return subview;
return nil;
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