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Design Manager Candidate Rubric

Julia Elman

Overall Assessment: Definite - Yes

Reviewer: Adam Kaplan

1. Communication & Collaboration

Do they communicate clearly? Are they able to work collaboratively toward a shared understanding of and solution to the problem? Are they easy to work with?

5 - Julia is team player and was able to clearly communicate the problem to the team. She will have no trouble working with a remote design team and would be a great fit. I also loved that she took the time to chat with me before the interview.

2. Design Thinking

Do they follow a clear process for problem solving? Do they exercise design thinking skills (problem definition, empathy, idea generation, synthesis)? Do they show consideration for the user during the process?

5 - Julia has a lot of experience moderating design workshops and I really enjoyed our session today.

3. Facilitation

Were they adept at encouraging participation and generating a wide range of ideas, while also making good use of the allotted time and keeping things on track?

5 - Julia made sure everyone had a voice and did a great job of keeping everything on track. We were each given enough time to sketch and share via a short presentation.

4. Can I learn from this person?

What unique skills, expertise, or perspectives would this person bring to the team?

  • Will help grow our branding and design systems
  • Strong design/research background that we can all learn from
  • Lots of experience doing design workshops
  • Strong empathy for our team and users
  • Making sure we each have a voice

5. How excited would I be for this person to be my manager?

I would be very excited to have Julia as my design manager! :)

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