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Design Manager Candidate Rubric

Jason Lang

Overall Assessment: Tentative - Yes

Reviewer: Adam Kaplan

1. Communication & Collaboration

Do they communicate clearly? Are they able to work collaboratively toward a shared understanding of and solution to the problem? Are they easy to work with?

5 - Jason definitely understood the problem and worked with the team to come up with some great solutions.

2. Design Thinking

Do they follow a clear process for problem solving? Do they exercise design thinking skills (problem definition, empathy, idea generation, synthesis)? Do they show consideration for the user during the process?

5 - Jason is a designer at heart and it showed in his design exercise! He also talked about the importance of user testing.

3. Facilitation

Were they adept at encouraging participation and generating a wide range of ideas, while also making good use of the allotted time and keeping things on track?

4 - Jason managed his time well and made sure everyone in the group had enough time for a short presentation. He also encouraged us to use any tool we wanted like sketching, Sketch, etc. It would have been nice if he gave the designers more time to collaborate together.

4. Can I learn from this person?

What unique skills, expertise, or perspectives would this person bring to the team?

  • Experience building design systems
  • Solutions and tools for design collaboration

5. How excited would I be for this person to be my manager?

Pretty straightforward. :D

Jason would be a great fit for our remote design team! :)

Other Details

Any other written, spoken, or demonstrated evidence that would make them a good fit (or not) for this role?

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