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Rohitt Vashishtha aero31aero

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aero31aero /
Last active Aug 25, 2019
Work Across Zulip Message Rendering Pipeline - GSoC 2019

GSOC Work Summary

All my commits merged can be found here:

At Zulip, we kept merging code regularly and there wasn't any final large PR containing all my code. The list below summarizes most of the commits present above from June 2019 to August 2019.

I have divided my work into 4 parts:

  1. Merged: Merged before GSOC ending deadline
  2. Unmerged: PRs open and in review-update cycles.
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# This file contains the API definitions for the Zulip REST API.
# For details on the OpenAPI specification, see
# Our own documentation lives at
openapi: 3.0.1
aero31aero /
Last active Jan 22, 2019
Bugdown Profiling Results

build_parser with AutoLinks

Line #      Hits         Time  Per Hit   % Time  Line Contents
  1678                                               @profile
  1679                                               def build_parser(self) -> markdown.Markdown:
  1680                                                   # Build the parser using selected default features from py-markdown.
  1681                                                   # The complete list of all available processors can be found in the
 1682 # super().build_parser() function.
aero31aero / swap.js
Last active Nov 19, 2018
BITS PS Station Swap Helper
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// Usage:
// Paste the following in the console once on each reload.
// After that, type `x(first_index, second_index)` and press ENTER.
// Example: To swap 13th station with 75th station, you'd type:
// x(13,75)
// Example: To put 50th station at 2nd position, you'd type:
// y(50,2)
// Remember to save afterwards. :)
let cheat = function() {
aero31aero /
Last active May 7, 2018
Zulip Docker Bot Deployment Guide

Testing Instructions

1. Fetch the source code.

First, fetch the latest python-zulip-api repo.

git clone

Second, clone the server repo.