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@aesteve aesteve/Perf example
Created Jul 10, 2015

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Some example on what we could benchmark
// create an object
public class SomeObject {
public Date someDate;
public Integer someInt;
public String someString;
public Double someDouble;
// create vertx handler
router.put("/vertx", ctx -> {
JsonObject json = ctx.getBodyAsJson();
json.put("someInt", json.getInteger("someInt") + ctx.request().param("someInt"));
// etc : do some stuff with all the attributes AND ALSO request parameters
// create the exact same (functionally speaking) handler with Nubes
public class BenchmarkController {
public SomeObject changeTheObject(@RequestBody SomeObject original, @Param("someInt") Integer someInt, ...) {
original.someInt += someInt;
// etc. play with every attribute
return original;
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