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Last active August 4, 2017 13:55
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public with sharing class EinsteinAction {
public class Prediction {
public String label;
public Double probability;
@InvocableMethod(label='Classify the given files' description='Calls the Einsten API to classify the given ContentVersion files.')
public static List<EinsteinAction.Prediction> classifyFiles(List<ID> contentVersionIds) {
String access_token = new VisionController().getAccessToken();
ContentVersion content = [SELECT Title,VersionData FROM ContentVersion where Id in :contentVersionIds LIMIT 1];
List<EinsteinAction.Prediction> predictions = new List<EinsteinAction.Prediction>();
for(Vision.Prediction vp : Vision.predictBlob(content.VersionData, access_token, 'GeneralImageClassifier')) {
EinsteinAction.Prediction p = new EinsteinAction.Prediction();
p.label = vp.label;
p.probability = vp.probability;
break; // Just take the most probable
return predictions;
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