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Last active Sep 28, 2016

good APIs for mashups

List of data APIs that require no server-side auth or private credentials, and are thus good for small browser-only JS projects.

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Backends as a service

Client-side auth


  • Kimono – "Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds"

Hey Aidan! I'm glad to see you're still helping newbs like me. Opentok API for a videochat application.

I'll update this as I remember more.


I really like Kinetic.js for html5 games and animations. The concepts are based on flash and its very user friendly to start.


@softprops the docs make exposing the API key sound scary... does it just identify the user, or actually allow the API to make changes on behalf of them? (I would hope the former)

@pencilking2002 sure, tons of good JS libraries for widgets, drawing, animation, etc. - I just meant REST APIs for getting 3rd-party data




Balanced isn't read-only, but it's a REST API sans OAuth:

@shurane looks a bit promising too. It's... sort of like an API for APIs. but allowing for easy mashing up.


You can use Aviary to edit any photo with a public url (from tumblr, foursquare, facebook, flickr, etc). On save, it spits back out a url to the saved image which you can publish back to the platform.




Would love to see some SendGrid action on here too.


We have a number of no-auth endpoints at (anything that has Token:None on this list )

@jedahan has metropolitan museum of art data, all from their website :)


Should Twitter's REST API still be on here, given it requires authentication now?


@philgyford Good catch, thanks!


@afeld thanks for this - helpful!

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