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Alastair Firth afirth

  • Berlin, Germany
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afirth / gist:35f2e422fd056c776a4463a5948cf6fd
Created Jul 31, 2020
JSON logs for ingress-nginx (stackdriver compatible)
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log-format-escape-json: "true"
http-snippet: |
map $msec $timestamp_secs { ~(.*)\..* $1; }
map $msec $timestamp_nanos { ~.*\.(?<tsn>.*) "${tsn}000000"; }
log-format-upstream: '{"timestampSeconds":"$timestamp_secs", "timestampNanos":"$timestamp_nanos", "time_epoch":"$msec", "time_iso8601":"$time_iso8601", "remote_addr":"$proxy_protocol_addr", "x-forward-for":"$proxy_add_x_forwarded_for", "request_id":"$req_id", "remote_user":"$remote_user", "bytes_sent":$bytes_sent, "request_time":$request_time, "status":$status, "vhost":"$host", "request_proto":"$server_protocol", "path":"$uri", "request_query":"$args", "request_length":$request_length, "duration":$request_time, "method":"$request_method", "http_referrer":"$http_referer", "http_user_agent":"$http_user_agent" }'
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.PHONY: sops
SOPS_URL=$(shell curl -s "" | grep -o "http.*sops_.*_amd64\.deb")
sops: $(curl)
wget $(SOPS_URL) -O ~/Downloads/sops.deb
sudo apt install ~/Downloads/sops.deb
afirth /
Last active Apr 19, 2020
kubectl view all secrets in namespace
#requires jq >= 1.6
k get secret -o json -n <namespace> | jq -r '.items[] | [, (.data |map_values(@base64d) )]'
# only keys
k get secret -o json -n <namespace> | jq -r '.items[] | [, (.data |map_values(@base64d) )] | to_entries | .[] | [.value] ' | grep ':'
# better format
k get secret -o json -n accounts-web | jq -r '.items[] | [, (.data |map_values(@base64d) )]' | grep --color=never -P '\w'
afirth / gist:13630e948592966f1ac44532175a3696
Last active Jan 15, 2020
vim add phony targets for makefiles
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%s/^\([a-z-]\+\):/.PHONY: \1\r\1:/
#name and status
k get zb -o json | jq -r '.items[] | [, .status.ready] | @tsv'
#get pods by label, show image and ready status
kgp --all-namespaces -l -o json | jq -r '.items[] |[ .metadata.namespace, .status.containerStatuses[0].ready, .status.containerStatuses[0].image ] | @tsv' | grep alpha <<<
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sudo apt-install openjfx
java --module-path /usr/share/openjfx/lib --add-modules=javafx.base,javafx.controls,javafx.fxml,,,javafx.swing,javafx.web -cp ~/honest-profiler/honest-profiler.jar com.insightfullogic.honest_profiler.ports.console.FlameGraphDumperApplication ~/Downloads/honest-profiler-log-05.hpl ~/Downloads/honest-profiler-log-05.folded
git clone --depth 1
cd FlameGraph
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dlv test -- -test.v
b filename:ln
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afirth / getopt.bash
Created Jul 18, 2019
bash getopt get args getargs limoncelli
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function usage { echo " Usage: $0 [-d] [-a author] [-c file.txt] [-h] dir1 [dir1 ...] -d debug, don't actual run command -a author name of the author -c copyright override default copyright file -h this help message " exit 1 }
# Set our defaults:
# Process command-line arguments, possibly overriding defaults
args='getopt da:c:h $*'
if [ $? != 0 ] then usage fi
set -- $args
for i do
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time="2019-06-14T00:20:28Z" level=info msg="running version stable-2.3.2"
INFO [ 0.001275s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main using destination service at Some(ControlAddr { addr: Name(NameAddr { name: "linkerd-destination.linkerd.svc.cluster.local", port: 8086 }), identity: Some("linkerd-controller.linkerd.serviceaccount.identity.linkerd.cluster.local") })
INFO [ 0.001575s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main using identity service at Name(NameAddr { name: "linkerd-identity.linkerd.svc.cluster.local", port: 8080 })
INFO [ 0.001750s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main routing on V4(
INFO [ 0.001961s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main proxying on V4( to None
INFO [ 0.002152s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main serving admin endpoint metrics on V4(
INFO [ 0.002277s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main protocol detection disabled for inbound ports {25, 3306}
INFO [ 0.002407s] linkerd2_proxy::app::main protocol detection disabled for outbound ports {25, 3306}
INFO [ 0.004537s] trust_dns_proto::
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