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Fix the endDate in ECP iCal feed.
//Add to theme functions.php
add_filter( 'tribe_ical_feed_item', 'tribe_ical_fix_endDate', 10, 2 );
function tribe_ical_fix_endDate( $item, $eventPost ) {
$searchValue = "DTEND;VALUE";
$fl_array = preg_grep('/^' . "$searchValue" . '.*/', $item);
$key = array_values($fl_array);
$keynum = key($fl_array);
$strlen = strlen($key[0]);
if ( $strlen > 30 ) {
$mod = substr($key[0], 0, -2);
$mod = str_pad( $mod, $strlen, "0" );
$dstart = array_shift($item);
array_unshift($item, $mod);
array_unshift($item, $dstart);
return $item;

ECP generated iCal feed seems to add 59 secs to end date for events. This will fix it.


Added code to rearrange $items array to original order, it looks nicer but not sure it has different functionality.


Fixed in TEC v2.0.8

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