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Presto - IamAuthenticator
* Copyright (c) 2018 Schibsted Media Group. All rights reserved
package com.saas.presto.access.authentication
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS
import{AccessDeniedException, BasicPrincipal, PasswordAuthenticator}
import{CacheBuilder, CacheLoader, LoadingCache}
import com.saas.presto.access.authentication.IamAuthenticator._
import com.saas.presto.helpers.Logging
import com.saas.presto.metrics.TagNames.{Allowed, User}
import com.saas.presto.metrics.{DatadogMetricsClient, DatadogReporter}
import io.airlift.units.Duration
import scala.util.matching.Regex
import scala.util.{Failure, Success, Try}
object IamAuthenticator {
def name: String = "saas-iam-authenticator"
val AwsAccount: String = "awsAccount"
val UserArnPattern: Regex = "arn:aws:iam::(\\d+):user/".r(AwsAccount)
def extractAccountFromUserArn(userArn: String): Option[String] = {
case class Credentials(user: String, password: String)
class IamAuthenticator(val statsd: DatadogMetricsClient, cacheTtl: Duration, iamClient: IamClient, awsAccount: String)
extends PasswordAuthenticator with DatadogReporter with Logging {
val authenticationCache: LoadingCache[Credentials, Principal] = CacheBuilder
.expireAfterWrite(cacheTtl.toMillis, MILLISECONDS)
.build(new CacheLoader[Credentials, Principal] {
override def load(key: Credentials): Principal = authenticate(key)
override def createAuthenticatedPrincipal(user: String, password: String): Principal = {
Try(authenticationCache.getUnchecked(Credentials(user, password))) match {
case Success(principal) =>
report("authenticate", Map(User -> principal.getName, Allowed -> String.valueOf(true)))
case Failure(exception) =>
logger.error(s"Authentication failed for user [$user]: ", exception)
report("authenticate", Map(User -> user, Allowed -> String.valueOf(false)))
throw exception.getCause
private def authenticate(credentials: Credentials): Principal = checkUser(credentials.user, credentials.password)
def checkUser(user: String, password: String): Principal = {
Try {
val iamUser = iamClient.requestUser(user, password)
val userArn = iamUser.getArn
throw new RuntimeException(s"The Aws Keys provided doesn't match with ${UserArnPattern.pattern}")
)(extractedAccount =>
if (!extractedAccount.equals(awsAccount)) {
throw new RuntimeException(s"Aws Account [$extractedAccount] not allowed")
} match {
case Success(userArn) => new BasicPrincipal(transformUserArnToRole(userArn))
case Failure(exception) =>
throw new AccessDeniedException(s"Authentication failed for user [$user]: ${exception.getMessage}")
* Simple replacemnet of a user arn to a role arn with the same info. This is needed as the Principal Name in presto
* will be the role to use on Authorization for S3.
* @param userArn
* @return
private def transformUserArnToRole(userArn: String): String = {
userArn.replace(":user/", ":role/")
* Copyright (c) 2018 Schibsted Media Group. All rights reserved
package com.saas.presto.access.authentication
import com.amazonaws.auth.{AWSCredentialsProvider, AWSStaticCredentialsProvider, BasicAWSCredentials}
import com.amazonaws.regions.Regions
import{GetUserRequest, User}
class IamClient(awsRegion: Regions) {
def requestUser(user: String, password: String): User = {
val credentials = new BasicAWSCredentials(user, password)
val credentialsProvider = new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider(credentials)
def requestUser(credentialsProvider: AWSCredentialsProvider): User = {
val iamClient = AmazonIdentityManagementClientBuilder
val request = new GetUserRequest()
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