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Enabling a service and starting it

systemctl enable --now httpd
systemctl enable httpd

Making the journal persistent

afro-coder /
Created May 31, 2022
Linux File manipulation

Learning File Manipulation

New Command: cut use man to figure out how to use cut

Using the file shared on slack

  • Print the first hundred lines
  • Print the first line
  • Print the last line of the file
  • Total lines inside the file
afro-coder /
Created May 31, 2022
Linux Basic Administration challenge

Boot up the linux virtual machine

  • Install apache (Use package manager to figure this out)
    • Start the apache service
    • Create a file that will replace the index file in your apache server
    • Check the port of the apache server
    • Check how many processes are being run by apache
  • Install nginx (Use package manager to figure this out)
    • Start the nginx systemd service
  • Test the service
afro-coder /
Created Apr 18, 2022
ECR create repo files Terraform services
# Usage./ create repo-name
set -x
set -e
if [ "$1" = "" ];
echo "No Args passed"
afro-coder / question1.html
Last active Mar 29, 2022
IT html programs
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Program to accept Student ID (combination of alphabets an numbers),
date of joining Collige, percentage in previous class (in digits)
The data should be sent to the server.
<title>HTML question 1</title>
afro-coder /
Last active Mar 15, 2022
Daily Linux trouble shooting commands

Get a list of running processes

ps aux

Filter through the processes replace "<keyword>"

ps aux| grep <keyword>

Search for 2 or more processes

afro-coder /
Created Feb 22, 2022 — forked from dims/
Kubernetes Resources
afro-coder / index.js
Last active Feb 16, 2022
Cloudfront function to rewrite and redirect to a different location
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function handler(event) {
var request = event.request;
var uri = request.uri;
if (uri.startsWith('/api')) {
var newurl = `https://backend-url/${uri}`
var response = {
// The status code is important.
afro-coder / Containerfile
Created Dec 27, 2021
Squid Proxy with Kubernetes k3s Raspberry Pi4
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FROM alpine
RUN apk update && apk add squid
COPY ./squid.conf /etc/squid.conf
RUN squid -z && squid -k check
CMD ["squid","--foreground","-f","/etc/squid.conf"]