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// Encrypt message with the key, using public key
var encryptedData = cipherWrapper.encrypt(data, masterKey?.public)
// Output is:
// aB9Ce9d5oM0/yloLQikOz8RovWHLmoQf3ovlCiz+D9+0/y7ZDfx6SpPYsKFIK3df079DNVIGVXIW
// 63CIUrrc7zLPMCCHCnzoeNJMqj2z0mFclluXzr5mCDJYfU/63yPeUpCPuo3y1SfXPPPNYJKhz2pq
// TugVE+rWoql9019BwTKtBy80nOE4RDQnMe6M9FWcSv/k6NyFtml9iwwtGVuRGXpSgh9humMWT0Cu
// MxzHusdIaRaviY4mQLFS+iIyRC3Riu0OxbkgTWpDs937Vfv3LSslJSo2CvwqFEnMGhkGvMdjtNhJ
// vGnpzMYN/rYWt/cer8nreURscXN7o3IR8ZtPkA==
This script is meant to be run periodically to check if this machine's
public IP address is the same or if it has changed.
# Import smtplib for email functionality
import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from urllib.request import urlopen
from datetime import datetime
class MyFragment: Fragment(){
companion object{
private val ARG_CAUGHT = "myFragment_caught"
fun newInstance(caught: Pokemon):MyFragment{
val args: Bundle = Bundle()
args.putSerializable(ARG_CAUGHT, caught)
val fragment = MyFragment()
fragment.arguments = args
return fragment
public class MyFragment extends Fragment {
private static final String ARG_CAUGHT = "myFragment_caught";
public static MyFragment newInstance(Pokemon caught) {
Bundle args = new Bundle();
args.putSerializable(ARG_CAUGHT, caught);
MyFragment fragment = new MyFragment();
return fragment;