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Remove large objects from a git repository
# git-slim
# Remove big files from git repo history.
# Requires GitPython (
# References:
# -
# -
# -
# -
from glob import glob
from git import Repo
from os.path import getsize
from re import split
from shutil import rmtree
from sys import argv, exit, stdout
def print_activity(start, end='done'):
'''Decorator which logs info like "Doing something: done" to stdout.'''
def decorate(f):
def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
stdout.write('%s: ' % start)
x = f(*args, **kwargs)
print end
return x
return wrapped
return decorate
def slim_main():
'''Invoke slimming on working directory or first argv entry.'''
repo_dir = argv[1] if len(argv) > 1 else '.'
except KeyboardInterrupt:
def slim(repo_dir):
r = Repo(repo_dir)
old_size = repo_size(r)
new_size = repo_size(r)
ok_done(old_size, new_size)
def repo_size(r):
return getsize(r.git_dir)
def prep(r):
'''Prep a repo by running GC and repacking.'''
if r.is_dirty():
raise Exception('repo is dirty')
def slim_blobs(r):
'''Reduce repo size by listing blobs in size order and asking the user if
they would like to remove them.
pack_blobs = list_pack_blobs_by_size(r)
index = blob_index(r)
seen = []
targets = []
for b in pack_blobs:
if b[0] not in index:
print '%s not in blob index' % b[0]
blob_path, commit_hexsha = index[b[0]]
if blob_path not in seen:
blob_size = format_size(b[1])
commit_hexsha_prefix = commit_hexsha[:7]
prompt = 'Remove %s (%s at %s)? [Y/n/d] ' % \
(blob_path, blob_size, commit_hexsha_prefix)
answer = raw_input(prompt).strip().lower()
if answer == 'd':
elif answer in ('y', ''):
remove_files(r, targets)
def blob_index(r):
'''Build index of paths of blobs in the repo. Iterates across all files in
all commits and records blob used.
desc = 'Indexing blobs in commits: '
index = {}
commits = list(r.iter_commits())
commits_len = len(commits)
blob_predicate = lambda i, d: i.type == 'blob'
i = 1
for commit in commits:
stdout.write('\r%s(%s/%s)' % (desc, i, commits_len))
for blob in commit.tree.traverse(predicate=blob_predicate):
index[blob.hexsha] = blob.path, str(commit)
i += 1
print '\r%sdone ' % desc
return index
@print_activity('Listing pack blobs')
def list_pack_blobs_by_size(r):
blobs = list_pack_blobs(r)
blobs_s = sorted(blobs, key=lambda b: b[1], reverse=True)
return blobs_s
def list_pack_blobs(r):
'''Call git verify-pack to dump info about blobs in a pack.'''
pack_index_glob = r.git_dir + '/objects/pack/pack-*.idx'
pack_index_files = glob(pack_index_glob)
pack_info = r.git.verify_pack(*pack_index_files, verbose=True)
return extract_blob_info(pack_info)
def extract_blob_info(pack_info):
'''Extract info about blobs in a pack from text returned by git verify-pack.
for line in pack_info.split('\n'):
bits = split(r'\s+', line)
if len(bits) > 1 and bits[1] == 'blob':
yield bits[0], int(bits[3])
def format_size(num):
'''Format numbers as file sizes. From hurry.filesize.'''
for x in [' bytes', 'KB', 'MB', 'GB', 'TB']:
if num < 1024.0:
return "%.0f%s" % (num, x)
num /= 1024.0
@print_activity('Removing files from repo history')
def remove_files(r, fs):
'''Run git rm for each file in list against each commit using git
filter-branch. Completely removes files from repo history.
if not fs:
# todo: check file list doesn't exceed max command length
filelist = ' '.join(fs)
'git rm --cached --ignore-unmatch %s' % filelist,
def tidy_up(r):
'''Tidy up by expiring reflog, aggresively GCing repo and repacking. Should
recover space used by objects removed during slimming process.
@print_activity('Removing original refs')
def rm_original_refs(r):
rmtree(r.git_dir + '/refs/original/', ignore_errors=True)
@print_activity('Expiring reflog')
def expire_reflog(r):
r.git.reflog('expire', '--expire=now', '--all')
@print_activity('Garbage collecting')
def gc(r):
def repack(r):
r.git.repack(a=True, d=True, q=True)
def ok_done(old_size, new_size):
delta = format_size(old_size - new_size)
old_f = format_size(old_size)
new_f = format_size(new_size)
print '\nRepo slimmed by %s (reduced from %s to %s)' % (delta, old_f, new_f)
print '(Running \'git gc --agressive --prune\' may reclaim further space)\n'
print 'Next run \'git push origin --all --force\''
print 'Then re-clone all copies of the repo'
print 'Warning: If an old clone is used, big objects may reappear'
if __name__ == '__main__':
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greenspray commented Mar 30, 2015

I get this error :

File "", line 16, in
from git import Repo
ImportError: No module named git

This means the library is not found. Where can I get the library for this?

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SimonZhang2012 commented Aug 14, 2015

@greenspray, you can google how to install gitpython.

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MahmoudAbdAlKareem commented Apr 9, 2019

I got the following error:
File "", line 30
print end
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(end)?

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laoluolapegba commented Jun 15, 2020

I got the following error:
File "", line 30
print end
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(end)?

I got the same error, I'm using Python 3.6.3

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gnubyexample commented Jun 24, 2021

Worked perfectly

If your system has both python 3 and python 2 then this script is python2 friendly so ... python2 ./

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