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Rules of Laws and Reforms Group(to avoid infighting and promote healthy discussions)

  1. We shall discuss in detail and try to understand about the working of any proposed system or law. This means reading the articles and also if somebody suggests any law reading the proposed law draft and giving your opinion and suggesting changes. This takes time but if we want to change our country we need to invest our time.
  2. As far as possible we do not take names of any political parties or persons unless there context to do so. Focus should be solely on discussing about details and sections of proposed systems and laws.
  3. As educated and responsible members of society, favouritism of any person or party should be avoided. Importance should be given to the issue that we are trying to solve. Support of good issues or systems or laws which is proven to bring about change and reduce graft or corruption is most welcome.
  4. Personal attacks on members should be avoided.
  5. Posting any forwards unless relevant to the group should be avoided along with Good morning, holidays, festivities messages.
  6. Whenever any law is referred to, quote the relevant part of the law. In general also, quoting the relevant part of other member`s comment is enouraged.
  7. Discuss according to the aim of the discussion group.
  8. Avoid repetition and spamming.
  9. If only opinions are being given, they should be accompanied by "This is my opinion" or "In my opinion". And end the discussion. Lengthy discussions on opinions lead nowhere. Lengthy discussions are constructive only if other person can cross-verify the claims.
  10. Members are encouraged to give suggestions and ask questions to government and political parties by tweeting to relevant twitter handles because members may not have enough resources for persoanally doing something in those matters but someone else might if these issues are in public domain.
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