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Created November 20, 2017 01:38
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Anki front template for Chinese cards
<div class=tags> {{#Tags}}{{Tags}} -- {{/Tags}}{{Deck}}</div>
<div class=chinese>{{Hanzi}}</div>
<div id="text"></div>
<span style="display:none;" id="Tags">{{Tags}}</span>
var d = document;
Tags = d.getElementById('Tags').innerHTML.split(' ');
if (Tags.indexOf('leech')>-1 | Tags.indexOf('leechy')>-1) {
d.getElementById('text').innerHTML = '<br><br>^^^^^^^';
d.getElementById('text').style.color = 'red';
<div class="btm">
<font color="red">{{info:Mature}} {{info:Learn}} {{info:Learning}}{{info:New}} {{info:Young}}{{info:Learn}}</font></p>
Last seen:
<!--Requires for full functionality, will work with after trivial editing -->
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