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[V=browser-hello.mp4] Hi, I'm Matthew from OpenResty Inc. In this video, I'll demonstrate how to implement a "hello world" HTTP interface using OpenResty.
First of all, we make sure we are using OpenResty's nginx.
[delay=0] $ export PATH=/usr/local/openresty/nginx/sbin:$PATH
$ which nginx
[S] It's usually in this path.
And then we go to the home directory.
$ cd ~/
Create and switch to a directory named 'hello' for our example.
$ mkdir hello
$ cd hello
Create the boilerplate sub-directories for the OpenResty application.
$ mkdir logs conf
$ ls
Then let's create a simple nginx.conf file under the 'conf' sub-directory. Here we use vim.
vim conf/nginx.conf
Let's enable a single nginx worker process for simplicity.
i [NONL]
worker_processes 1;
We enable at most 1024 per-worker connections.
events {
worker_connections 1024;
And here we configure an HTTP server.
http {
server {
Listen to the 8080 port with 'reuseport' enabled.
listen 8080 reuseport;
Finally we add a root location to this server.
location / {
We set the default MIME type to text/plain.
default_type text/plain;
We embed some Lua code to emit a response with the body 'Hello World'.
content_by_lua_block { ngx.say("Hello World") }
The file is now complete. Let's save it.
Quit the vim editor.
Now let's test if the configuration is correct with the '-t' option.
$ nginx -p $PWD/ -t
[S] Looking good!
Now let's start this OpenResty application for real.
$ nginx -p $PWD/
And check if the nginx processes are running.
$ ps aux|grep nginx|grep -v /tmp/
[S] Nice. They are up. One master and one worker.
We can now send a test HTTP request to this server with the 'curl' command-line utility.
$ curl ''
[S] We're indeed getting the response body 'Hello World'.
[V=browser-hello.mp4] We can also try accessing the / URI in a web browser.
[S] As we can see, it also displays "Hello World" as expected.
[S] If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel. Thank you!

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@anjia0532 anjia0532 commented Mar 19, 2021

how to gen the videos by this script? (Where can I find it and download OpenResty Demo tool chain ?)


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@agentzh agentzh commented Mar 19, 2021

@anjia0532 OpenResty Demo is a commercial product by OpenResty Inc. If you are interested, please contact Thanks.


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@anjia0532 anjia0532 commented Mar 20, 2021

@agentzh ok ,thanks : )

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