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ST Python to move between last edits (perfect)
import sublime, sublime_plugin
POSNS = {} # Based on each view's id, store edited positions.
# The first element stores the most recently edited line
# number, so that the same line is not saved repeatedly.
class LastEditLineCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
posn = -1 # always add 2 to this, which indexes the first
# edited position (for the current view)
def run(self, edit):
vid =
# if there are no edited positions stored, just return
if not POSNS.has_key(vid): return
# identify the previously edited position
self.posn = (self.posn + 2) % (len(POSNS[vid]) - 1)
edited_region = sublime.Region(POSNS[vid][-(self.posn + 1)], POSNS[vid][-self.posn])
# bring the edited region into view and select it
class CaptureEditing(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
# def __init__(self): POSNS = {}
def on_modified(self, view):
vid =
sel = view.sel()[0]
currA = sel.begin()
currB = sel.end()
curr_line, _ = view.rowcol(currB)
if not POSNS.has_key(vid): # if a dictionary entry doesn't already
# exist for this view..
POSNS[vid] = [curr_line, currA - sel.empty(), currB]
self.prev_size = view.size() # store the initial size
self.curr_size = view.size()
self.diff = self.curr_size - self.prev_size # has the file grown/shrunk?
self.prev_size = self.curr_size
for index, value in enumerate(POSNS[vid]):
if index > 0 and value >= currB:
# for every saved position, increase or reduce it by the
# difference in file size (but only if it's beyond the cursor)
if self.diff > 0:
POSNS[vid][index] = min(value + self.diff, self.curr_size - 1)
# min is used so that we don't go beyond the end of the file
elif self.diff < 0:
POSNS[vid][index] = max(value + self.diff, currA)
# max is used in case the edited position has been deleted
if POSNS[vid][0] == curr_line or abs(POSNS[vid][-2] - currA) == 1 \
or abs(POSNS[vid][-1] - currB) == 1:
POSNS[vid][-2] = min(POSNS[vid][-2], currA)
POSNS[vid][-1] = max(POSNS[vid][-1], currB)
POSNS[vid].extend([currA - sel.empty(), currB]) # add the edited position
if len(POSNS[vid]) > 11: POSNS[vid][1:] = POSNS[vid][3:]
POSNS[vid][0] = curr_line # update the current line

agibsonsw commented Mar 7, 2012

Assign a shortcut key to cycle between the last five edited regions in the current view.

It highlights the edited text/ region, rather than just the line. It should still work even if you delete, copy or duplicate other text.

If you delete edited region(s) you may have to use your shortcut key more than once to get the the next available region.

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