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// Drafts 4 script step to create custom tags
// using the a line or a default value if that line is empty or missing
// split draft into an array of lines
var lines = draft.content.split('\n');
// reusable function to define tag based on line or default string
function createLineTag(lineNumber,default) {
var tagName = "line"+(lineNumber+1).toString();
if(lines[lineNumber] && lines[lineNumber].length > 0) {
draft.defineTag(tagName, lines[lineNumber]);
else {
draft.defineTag(tagName, default);
// call for each line you want a tag for...
createLineTag(0, "first line default string");
createLineTag(1, "second line default string");
// templates in steps after this script step in an action
// can use [[line1]], [[line2]] tags to get line or default values.
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