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Last active Jul 10, 2020
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Demonstration of how to use a `resetAuth` function to fully reset auth state in-between Laravel unit tests. For theory, see:
use Illuminate\Auth\SessionGuard;
// ...
* Resets AuthManager state by logging-out the user from all auth guards.
* This is used between unit tests to wipe cached auth state.
* @param array $guards
* @return void
protected function resetAuth(array $guards = null) : void
$guards = $guards ?: array_keys(config('auth.guards'));
foreach ($guards as $guard) {
$guard = $this->app['auth']->guard($guard);
// \Log::debug("logging out guard: {$guard}");
if ($guard instanceof SessionGuard) {
$protectedProperty = new \ReflectionProperty($this->app['auth'], 'guards');
$protectedProperty->setValue($this->app['auth'], []);
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