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Utilizando BDD tentando não aumentar a complexibilidade.
package com.softsimples.persistence
import mongodb.DataWrapperMongoDB
import org.specs2.mutable._
import org.junit.runner._
import org.specs2.runner._
class DataWrapperMongoDBSpec extends Specification {
"Para executar persistencia com mongodb" should {
"Criar dataWrapper para base test e collection test" in datawrapper().connect
"dataWrapper deve salvar um JSON simples" in datawrapper().save
"dataWrapper deve buscar todos JSONs salvos" in datawrapper().findAll
"dataWrapper deve saber excluir todos JSONs salvos" in datawrapper().deleteAll
case class datawrapper() {
val dataWrapper = DataWrapperMongoDB.buildDBWrapper("test", "test")
def connect = dataWrapper must not beNull
def save = get("_id") must not beEmpty
private def json: Map[String, Any] = Map[String, Any]("teste" -> "novo teste", "teste2" -> "novo teste2")
def findAll = dataWrapper.findAll() must have size 1
def deleteAll = {
val array = dataWrapper.findAll()
array must have size 1
for (cada <- array) dataWrapper.remove( cada )
dataWrapper.findAll() must have size 0
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