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W4995.004 Assignment 3: EDA Writeup Template

This is a suggested format; you may omit or add sections but are encouraged to follow this template.

1: Initial Hypotheses

1.1 Motivation

Describe how you came up with your hypotheses and your reasons for choosing them.

1.2 Hypotheses

State your hypotheses in sentence or question form (be clear and concise):

  • Hypothesis 1
  • Hypothesis 2
  • Hypothesis 3...

1.3 Analysis Plan

Describe at a high-level what steps you plan to take to investigate your hypotheses.

2: Data Source(s)

2.1 Description

Describe the dataset you selected. Describe what types of information it contains, what time period it covers, and the size of the dataset (e.g. number of rows and columns.) Define any special terminology used in the dataset, and point out important columns (for your hypotheses) for the reader.

2.2 Source

Explain where and when you obtained this dataset, who was responsible for collecting it, and their data collection approach.

2.3 Format

Describe the format you found the original dataset in.

2.4 Transformations

Describe any transformations you needed to perform on the data to get it into a usable format.

3: Exploration

Describe the steps you took and the visualizations you created to investigate your hypotheses. Insert screenshots of these visualizations, with title and caption, and explain what you learned from them. You should have at least 10 exploratory charts.

4: Summary Visualization

Create one final Tableau dashboard that presents your response, confirming or refuting, to one of your chosen hypotheses (you only need to choose one, but you're welcome to address multiple hypotheses). Include your screenshot with title and caption here.

5: Conclusion

Summarize how your hypotheses evolved during your exploration, including your intermediate and final conclusions.

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