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@agoncal /idea
Created Feb 27, 2017

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# check for where the latest version of IDEA is installed
IDEA=`ls -1d /Applications/IntelliJ\ * | tail -n1`
# were we given a directory?
if [ -d "$1" ]; then
# echo "checking for things in the working dir given"
wd=`ls -1d "$1" | head -n1`
# were we given a file?
if [ -f "$1" ]; then
# echo "opening '$1'"
open -a "$IDEA" "$1"
# let's check for stuff in our working directory.
pushd $wd > /dev/null
# does our working dir have an .idea directory?
if [ -d ".idea" ]; then
# echo "opening via the .idea dir"
open -a "$IDEA" .
# is there an IDEA project file?
elif [ -f *.ipr ]; then
# echo "opening via the project file"
open -a "$IDEA" `ls -1d *.ipr | head -n1`
# Is there a pom.xml?
elif [ -f pom.xml ]; then
# echo "importing from pom"
open -a "$IDEA" "pom.xml"
# can't do anything smart; just open IDEA
# echo 'cbf'
open "$IDEA"
popd > /dev/null

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madorb commented Jan 30, 2018

You might want to consider updating this now that intellij installs under the Toolbox (e.g. ~/Applications/JetBrains\ Toolbox/IntelliJ\ IDEA\


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dotCipher commented Jul 26, 2018

Whipped up a more dynamic version, which handles both toolbox and non-toolbox installed intellij apps, check it out here:


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davidlanouette commented Aug 2, 2018

Idea can create a similar script for you. From in Idea,

Tools > Create Command-line Launcher...

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