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GSoC 2020 Work Product - Zulip

Google Summer Of Code 2020 - Zulip

Spending the summer working on Zulip, specifically Zulip Mobile, has been an amazing and enriching experience for me! I am very thankful to my mentors for guiding through the process of contributing to the project. In this document, I describe the contributions that I made to zulip-mobile during the summer.

What I worked on

A significant portion of my work was to add user-facing features to Zulip's React Native app. The Zulip mobile app has several features missing when compared to the web-app, and during the summer, when new features were added to Zulip ( such as new markdown elements like time and spoiler), those had to be added to the app too. One of my larger projects during the summer was working on a 'sharing' feature for Android devices. Using this feature, people can share content like text, images and documents from other apps directly with Zulip, instead of manually opening the app and selecting the files. Apart from these, I also worked on fixing bugs and general app improvements.

My pull requests

Below, I list my contributions made during the summer, in two sections - merged PRs and open PRs. The individual PRs and the linked issue threads contain more details.

Merged PRs

Open PRs

All these PRs can be viewed in GitHub here.

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