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@agumonkey agumonkey/
Created Jun 7, 2019

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from urllib.parse import urlparse, urlunparse
url helpers
def isurl(o):
return o.startswith('http://') \
or o.startswith('https://')
def isabsolute(url):
p = urlparse(url)
return p.scheme is not '' and p.netloc is not ''
def reconciliate_path(np, op, sep='/'):
if np.startswith(sep):
return np
lnp = np.split(sep)
lop = op.split(sep)
rnp = lop[:]
for e in lnp:
if e == '.':
elif e == '..':
if len(rnp) > 1:
# crude fix
r = sep.join(rnp)
return r if r.startswith(sep) else sep + r
def normalize(new, old):
"""turns an href into an absolute url if possible"""
if isabsolute(new):
return new
np = urlparse(new)
op = urlparse(old)
rp = reconciliate_path(np.path, op.path)
nu = f'{op.scheme}://{op.netloc}{rp}{np.params}{np.query}{np.fragment}'
return nu
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