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"distance": 0.05628799743220005,
"geometry": {
"coordinates": [
"type": "Point"
"id": "afe42774-7d42-47e9-9eda-1d19898340e0",
"properties": {
"address": "2132 Chestnut St",
"attribution": "Factual Inc.",
"categories": [
"Food & Beverage",
"Cafes, Coffee Houses & Tea Houses"
"closed": false,
"country": "US",
"license": "",
"locality": "San Francisco",
"name": "Starbucks",
"phone": "+1 415-673-6781",
"postcode": "94123",
"region": "CA"
"selfLink": "",
"type": "Feature"

Changes from Places 1.0:

  • 'distance' is now outside of the GeoJSON properties dictionary
  • 'city' is now 'locality'
  • 'classifiers' is now 'categories', and we've Places 1.2 uses the Factual heirchical category schema as defined here: (URL encoded version available)
  • 'closed' is a new field that indicates if a business or place is no longer open
  • 'province' is now 'region'
  • The ID format has changed to reflect Factual's ID

See for the equivalent Places 1.0 response.

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