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Batch convert JPG to WebP in Ubuntu
#First install the webp converter by this
sudo apt-get install webp
#go inside the directory where all images are there
#make sure all images are in RGB color mode, otherwise you will get error for CMYK images.
#Convert all images to RGB by this command (you should install ImageMagik to do that)
for f in *.jpg; do convert -colorspace RGB "$f" "${f}"; done
#finally convert all images to Webp format
for f in *.jpg; do cwebp -q 90 "$f" -o "${f}".webp; done
#Now you have filename.jpg.webp beside filename.jpg for all your images.
#You can set the nginx or other webservers to conditionally show webp instead of jpg if browser support
#Read this page to setup it in nginx config :
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