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Created May 4, 2019 14:43
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Wrapper for AWS CodeCommit git credential helper to fix problem with MacOS keystore
# SETUP: add to local git config:
# git config --local credential.helper '!~/bin/awsCredentialHelperOSX AWS_PROFILE'
# replace AWS_PROFILE with the relevant profile name, replace "~/bin/" with path to this file
# get aws_access_key_id for aws_profile
aws_access_key_id=$(sed -n '/^[ \t]*\[${aws_profile}\]/,/\[/s/^[ \t]*aws_access_key_id[ \t]*=[ \t]*//p' ~/.aws/credentials)
security -q delete-internet-password -a "${aws_access_key_id}" >/dev/null 2>&1
/usr/local/bin/aws --profile "${aws_profile}" codecommit credential-helper $@
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