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Reflection based serializer for ScalaPB generated case classes.
import java.lang.reflect.Method
import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicReference
import akka.serialization.Serializer
import com.trueaccord.scalapb.GeneratedMessage
import scala.annotation.tailrec
* This Serializer serializes `com.trueaccord.scalapb.GeneratedMessage`s
class ProtobufSerializer(val system: ExtendedActorSystem) extends Serializer {
import ProtobufSerializer._
private val parsingMethodBindingRef = new AtomicReference[Map[Class[_], Method]](Map.empty)
def identifier = 200
def includeManifest = true
def fromBinary(bytes: Array[Byte], clazz: Option[Class[_]]): AnyRef = clazz match {
case Some(clz)
def parsingMethod(method: Method = null): Method = {
val parsingMethodBinding = parsingMethodBindingRef.get()
parsingMethodBinding.get(clz) match {
case Some(cachedParsingMethod) cachedParsingMethod
case None
val unCachedParsingMethod =
if (method eq null) clz.getDeclaredMethod("parseFrom", ARRAY_OF_BYTE_ARRAY: _*)
else method
if (parsingMethodBindingRef.compareAndSet(parsingMethodBinding, parsingMethodBinding.updated(clz, unCachedParsingMethod)))
parsingMethod().invoke(null, bytes).asInstanceOf[GeneratedMessage]
case None throw new IllegalArgumentException(
"Need a protobuf message class to be able to serialize bytes using protobuf"
def toBinary(obj: AnyRef): Array[Byte] = obj match {
case message: GeneratedMessage message.toByteArray
case _ throw new IllegalArgumentException(
s"Can't serialize a non-protobuf message using protobuf [$obj]"
object ProtobufSerializer {
private val ARRAY_OF_BYTE_ARRAY = Array[Class[_]](classOf[Array[Byte]])
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