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Cron job for automatic renewal of Let’s Encrypt certs, it should run twice a day at a random minute.

This is a cron job entry to that will auto renew your Let's Encrypt certificate automatically by running 2 times a day evey 12 hours on a random minute.

You can add a cron job entry by running this command

$ crontab -e

Then past the following snippit in that file, Note that lines 1-3 might not be required at all. Make sure your check the link to the thread regarding this.

I'm not a DevOps/Server guy, so any improvements are highly appreciated.

# This is required for vixie-cron (man cron)
# Check
# Auto renew Let’s Encrypt certs, two times a day at a random minute.
0 */12 * * * sleep $[($RANDOM % 60) + 1]m; /root/certbot/certbot-auto renew --quiet --no-self-upgrade

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tareksamni commented Oct 23, 2016

You can also replace SHELL=/bin/bash with #!/bin/bash


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michielrensen commented Nov 24, 2016

Nice touch on the random minute, but why?
I use this on my VPS, works like a charm:


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ahmedelgabri commented May 9, 2017

@michielrensen will check it! (I hate that gists doesn't have any kind of notifications)

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