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PlantUML Graph [link]

INIT_BRIDGE : updateRoleDisabledTree()

ROLE_SELECTION : clearReselectTree()
ROLE_SELECTION : updateRolesTree()
ROLE_SELECTION : setSelectedTree()

note as N1
  IEEE Std. 802.1AS-2011 clause
  PortRoleSelection state machine
end note


ROLE_SELECTION -->ROLE_SELECTION : reselect[1] || reselect[2] || ... || reselect[N]

Mermaid Graph [link]

graph TD

A["INIT_BRIDGE <hr><br> updtRoleDisabledTree()"]

B["ROLE_SELECTION <hr><br>clearReselectTree()<br>updateRolesTree()<br> setSelectedTree()"]

%% Flow chart start

S((BEGIN)) --> A

A -->|UCT| B

B --> |"Reselect[1] || reselect[2] || ... || reselect[N]"|B

cmt["IEEE Std. 802.1AS-2011 clause<br><br>PortRoleSelection state machine"]
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