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@ahoward ahoward/gist:29913
Created Nov 28, 2008

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# this is a tricky method used to pull a report to review out of the pool of
# possible reports, it can return nothing when there are no reports or when
# there are simply no qualifying reports for the student to review. read
# *carefully* if you plan on modifying it
def find_lettuce_report_to_review options = {}
student = options.delete(:student) or raise 'no student'
transaction do
pool = pool_for(student)
unit = self
report_table = Report.table_name
report_review_table = ReportReview.table_name
# find the list of any report the student has already reviewed - we'll
# use this to prevent a double review of any report
select = [:id, :report_id].join(', ')
conditions = { :user_id =>, :pool_id => }
reviews = ReportReview.find(:all, :select => select, :conditions => conditions, :include => :report)
# setup a list of previously reviewed report ids - we don't want to do
# these again....
report_ids ={|review|}.compact
# now look for a report to review, we want one that is published, in the
# correct unit, in the correct pool, that is not written by the student
# and which has not already been review by the student. furthermore, we
# want to select one which is most likely to be needing a review, we do
# this be selecting the ones with the lowest review count and the from
# those selecting the ones which haven't had a reviewer look at them in
# a while (reviewed_at).
conditions = [
#{ report_table }.is_published=? AND
#{ report_table }.unit_id=? AND
#{ report_table }.user_id!=? AND
#{ report_table }.pool_id=?
unless report_ids.empty?
condition_clause = conditions.first
list = report_ids.join(', ')
condition_clause << " AND #{ report_table }.id NOT IN(#{ list }) "
order = "
#{ report_table }.reviews_count, #{ report_table }.reviewed_at
options.reverse_merge(:conditions => conditions, :order => order, :include => :questionnaire)
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