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Created Dec 9, 2010
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#! /usr/bin/env ruby
status = DATA.flock(File::LOCK_EX | File::LOCK_NB)
if status == 0
puts "we have the lock..."
puts "another process has the lock..."
### this data section MUST be here for DATA.flock to function.
### the user locking the script MUST have write privledges to the script

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@ahoward ahoward commented Dec 9, 2010

this is a simple technique that portably prevents two copies of a script from running at the same time. if you have ruby scripts in your crontab you will burn in hell if you aren't using this or a similar technique to prevent script stacking taking your box down. same applies for background jobs.


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@lmarburger lmarburger commented Dec 11, 2010

Great idea! Just today I wrote a backup script and made use of this technique.

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