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Created September 13, 2020 00:58
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A react component for embedding sisense where you have a tenant-per-subdomain multitenancy architecture
import React, { useRef } from 'react'
import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
const BI_BASE_URL = ''
const BIDashboard = ({ defaultDashboard, jwt }) => {
// This component creates an iframe element setting the initial src to log the user in via a JWT
// once that load has finished, the onLoad handler is called (loadDashboard). This then
// hands over to the SiSense API to initialise the iframe and complete the embedding.
const src = BI_BASE_URL + '/jwt?jwt=' + jwt
const iFrameElement = useRef(null)
const loadDashboard = () => {
const embed = window['sisense.embed']
const SisenseFrame = embed.SisenseFrame
const frame = new SisenseFrame({ // eslint-disable-line
dashboard: defaultDashboard,
settings: {
showLeftPane: false,
showToolbar: false,
showRightPane: false,
element: iFrameElement.current,
return (
<iframe ref={iFrameElement} id="sisense-frame" src={src} className="w-100 h-100" data-jwt="{{ jwt }}" onLoad={loadDashboard} />
BIDashboard.propTypes = {
defaultDashboard: PropTypes.string,
jwt: PropTypes.string,
export default BIDashboard
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