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unity + git (ludum dare 49)

unity + git

for pigeon game studios @ ludum dare 49

Before you start

This section is only for script kiddies

  1. Download Unity Hub
  2. Download Unity 2021.1.22f1 (correct version is really important) - comes bundled with Visual Studio
  3. Download


  • GitHub - website that hosts our code and assets
  • git - protocol that tracks our project from start to finish (like Google Docs version history)
  • repository - a single project
  • local - the copy of the files on your computer
  • remote - the central copy of the files that the entire team adds to through commits
  • commit - changes (e.g adding/removing files)

First steps

Grab a local version of the remote repository

git clone
cd ludum-dare-49
git config --global "your-github-username"

Commit email

  • Go here -
  • Click the checkbox "Keep my email addresses private"
  • Under that, it will show a fake-looking email address, like the one shown below

We’ll remove your public profile email and use when performing web-based Git operations (e.g. edits and merges) and sending email on your behalf. If you want command line Git operations to use your private email you must set your email in Git.

  • Copy and paste that email
  • Then run this command using the email you copied and pasted (with quotation marks)
git config --global "what-you-copied-and-pasted"

Moving on

  • When git asks for your username, type your GitHub username
  • When git asks for your password, do the following

Personal access token

ugh why they try and make everything so secure

  • Go here -
  • Click on "Personal access tokens"
  • Click on "Generate new token"
  • Confirm your password
  • Add your note (it can be anything, e.g "Potato")

Tick the following checkboxes

  • repo
  • admin:org
  • gist
  • notifications
  • user
  • write:discussion

Then copy and paste your personal access token - you won't see it again after this.

When git asks for your password, copy and paste this token.

Every time you make a change

Merge your changes back into the remote repository

cd ludum-dure-49
git add -A
git commit -m "Your changelog message here"
git push origin main

Every time you need to pull a change

Grab the latest version of the remote repository

cd ludum-dare-49
git pull 

Problems? Ping Adrian on Discord.

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