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@ain ain/log.php
Created Feb 23, 2012

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tail functionality in PHP
// full path to text file
define("TEXT_FILE", "/home/www/default-error.log");
// number of lines to read from the end of file
define("LINES_COUNT", 10);
function read_file($file, $lines) {
//global $fsize;
$handle = fopen($file, "r");
$linecounter = $lines;
$pos = -2;
$beginning = false;
$text = array();
while ($linecounter > 0) {
$t = " ";
while ($t != "\n") {
if(fseek($handle, $pos, SEEK_END) == -1) {
$beginning = true;
$t = fgetc($handle);
$pos --;
$linecounter --;
if ($beginning) {
$text[$lines-$linecounter-1] = fgets($handle);
if ($beginning) break;
fclose ($handle);
return array_reverse($text);
$fsize = round(filesize(TEXT_FILE)/1024/1024,2);
echo "<strong>".TEXT_FILE."</strong>\n\n";
echo "File size is {$fsize} megabytes\n\n";
echo "Last ".LINES_COUNT." lines of the file:\n\n";
$lines = read_file(TEXT_FILE, LINES_COUNT);
foreach ($lines as $line) {
echo $line;

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ain commented Feb 23, 2012


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sinrise commented Jul 28, 2014

This helped me make a nice little improvement to my error log display, as well as make it easier to extend it's features. Thanks!


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okothomondi commented May 25, 2017

wat if i dont specify the number of line in define("LINES_COUNT", 10); instead just get whole file

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