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The Award for the Two Best SQL Server 2019 Features Goes to…

SQL Server 2019, in my opinion, is one of the greatest releases that has arisen from Microsoft in the last decade. It comes with a multitude of enhancements across the board in the data platform ecosystem. However, there are two features that significantly impact the day to day lives of data professionals everywhere, namely Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) and Resumable Index Creation. How impressive would it be to have a rollback operation complete in seconds where previously it would be hours or days? Would you like to have the ability to manage how you create that index on your multi-billion row table? Now you can! In this session we will examine in detail these two new features and demonstrate how they can help to accomplish both of those goals and improve your life when dealing with rollbacks and managing index operations. The days of horror stories around these two activities are a thing of the past thanks to SQL Server 2019.

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