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Last active April 10, 2024 07:31
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Decrypt all beacons files from ~/Library/
// airtag-decryptor.swift
// Decrypt all beacons files from ~/Library/ - updated when FindMy is running
// Results in /tmp/ - same file hierarchy
// Created by Matus on 28/01/2024. -
// Modified by Airy
import Cocoa
import Foundation
import CryptoKit
extension URL {
var isDirectory: Bool {
(try? resourceValues(forKeys: [.isDirectoryKey]))?.isDirectory == true
// Function to decrypt using AES-GCM
func decryptRecordFile(fileURL: URL, key: SymmetricKey) throws -> [String: Any] {
// Read data from the file
let data = try Data(contentsOf: fileURL)
// Convert data to a property list (plist)
guard let plist = try PropertyListSerialization.propertyList(from: data, options: [], format: nil) as? [Any] else {
throw MyError.invalidFileFormat
// Extract nonce, tag, and ciphertext
guard plist.count >= 3,
let nonceData = plist[0] as? Data,
let tagData = plist[1] as? Data,
let ciphertextData = plist[2] as? Data else {
throw MyError.invalidPlistFormat
let sealedBox = try AES.GCM.SealedBox(nonce: AES.GCM.Nonce(data: nonceData), ciphertext: ciphertextData, tag: tagData)
// Decrypt using AES-GCM
let decryptedData = try, using: key)
// Convert decrypted data to a property list
guard let decryptedPlist = try PropertyListSerialization.propertyList(from: decryptedData, options: [], format: nil) as? [String: Any] else {
throw MyError.invalidDecryptedData
return decryptedPlist
func decryptDirectory(filePath: String, outputPath: String, key: SymmetricKey) throws {
let baseURL = FileManager.default.urls(for: .libraryDirectory, in: .userDomainMask).first
if let contentURL = baseURL?.appending(path: filePath) {
if contentURL.isDirectory {
if let urls = try? FileManager.default.contentsOfDirectory(at: contentURL, includingPropertiesForKeys: nil) {
for url in urls {
let path = (filePath as NSString).appendingPathComponent(url.lastPathComponent)
try decryptDirectory(filePath: path, outputPath: outputPath, key: key)
} else {
do {
let decryptedPlist = try decryptRecordFile(fileURL: contentURL, key: key)
// Save decrypted plist as a file in the current directory
let name = contentURL.lastPathComponent as NSString
if let outputName = (name.deletingPathExtension as NSString).appendingPathExtension("plist") {
let dir = (filePath as NSString).deletingLastPathComponent
let outputDirPath = (outputPath as NSString).appendingPathComponent(dir)
try FileManager.default.createDirectory(atPath: outputDirPath, withIntermediateDirectories: true)
let outputURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: outputDirPath).appending(path: outputName)
try decryptedPlist, format: .xml, options: 0).write(to: outputURL)
} catch {
print("Error:", error)
// -> Hex format key from `security find-generic-password -l 'BeaconStore' -w`
let query: [String: Any] = [kSecClass as String: kSecClassGenericPassword,
kSecAttrLabel as String: "BeaconStore",
kSecMatchLimit as String: kSecMatchLimitOne,
kSecReturnAttributes as String: true,
kSecReturnData as String: true]
var item: CFTypeRef?
let status = SecItemCopyMatching(query as CFDictionary, &item)
guard status != errSecItemNotFound else { throw MyError.noPassword }
guard status == errSecSuccess else { throw MyError.keychainError(status: status) }
guard let existingItem = item as? [String : Any] else { throw MyError.invalidItem }
if let keyData = existingItem[kSecValueData as String] as? Data {
let key = SymmetricKey(data: keyData)
let basePath = ""
let outputPath = NSTemporaryDirectory()
try decryptDirectory(filePath: basePath, outputPath: outputPath, key: key)
let resultURL = URL(filePath: basePath, relativeTo: URL(filePath: outputPath))
enum MyError: Error {
case invalidFileFormat
case invalidPlistFormat
case invalidDecryptedData
case noPassword
case invalidItem
case keychainError(status: OSStatus)
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airy10 commented Feb 7, 2024

(updated to directly query the keychain without launching some external command)

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