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Tiny JavaScript UI

☀️ UI Libraries

  • redom (1.6k) - Tiny turboboosted JavaScript library for creating user interfaces
  • frzr (1.6k) - Turboboosted 2 KB view library for browser & node.js
  • killroy (1.9k) - A tiny ui library inspired by React
  • real-dom (0.7k) - A ~1K non-virtual DOM non-framework framework for simple apps
  • domchanger (1.8k) - Dombuilder that applies diffs only to the real dom
  • vomit (3.2k) - A high order function using virtual dom to build user interfaces
  • bel (3.5k) - A simple library for composable DOM elements using tagged template strings
  • yo-yo (5.4k) - A tiny library for building modular UI components using DOM diffing and ES6 tagged template literals (build on bel)
  • choo (6.8k) - Sturdy frontend framework (build on yo-yo)
  • hyperapp (1.8k) - 1kb JavaScript library for building frontend applications
  • hyperHTML (1.7k) - A Fast & Light Virtual DOM Alternative
  • Moon (5.5k) - A minimal, blazing fast user interface library

🔧 Utils

  • morphdom (1.8k) - Fast and lightweight DOM diffing/patching (no virtual DOM needed)
  • nanomorp - Hyper fast diffing algorithm for real DOM nodes
  • on-load - On load/unload events for DOM elements using a MutationObserver
  • nanocomponent - Create performant HTML elements
  • base-element - An element authoring library for creating standalone and performant elements

🎥 Talks

📖 Resources

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