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Created December 24, 2020 00:03
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Google Cloud



The following entities are created:

Resources Entity _type Entity _class
Cloud API Service google_cloud_api_service Service
Cloud Function google_cloud_function Function
Cloud Storage Bucket google_storage_bucket DataStore
Compute Disk google_compute_disk DataStore, Disk
Compute Firewalls google_compute_firewall Firewall
Compute Instance google_compute_instance Host
Compute Networks google_compute_network Network
Compute Subnetwork google_compute_subnetwork Network
IAM Role google_iam_role AccessRole
IAM Service Account google_iam_service_account User
IAM Service Account Key google_iam_service_account_key AccessKey
IAM User google_user User
KMS Crypto Key google_kms_crypto_key Key, CryptoKey
KMS Key Ring google_kms_key_ring Vault
Project google_cloud_project Account


The following relationships are created/mapped:

Source Entity _type Relationship _class Target Entity _type
internet ALLOWS google_compute_firewall
google_cloud_project HAS google_cloud_api_service
google_compute_firewall PROTECTS google_compute_network
google_compute_instance TRUSTS google_iam_service_account
google_compute_instance USES google_compute_disk
google_compute_network CONTAINS google_compute_subnetwork
google_compute_network HAS google_compute_firewall
google_compute_subnetwork HAS google_compute_instance
google_iam_service_account ASSIGNED google_iam_role
google_iam_service_account HAS google_iam_service_account_key
google_kms_key_ring HAS google_kms_crypto_key
google_user ASSIGNED google_iam_role
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