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Created December 17, 2020 01:16
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Generate MTF curves from razorblade images
from numpy import fft, diff, empty, interp, arange
from imageio import imread
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from argparse import ArgumentParser
DPI = 6400
DPMM = DPI / 25.4
plt.figure(figsize=(8,6), dpi=100, constrained_layout=True)
parser = ArgumentParser(description = "Generate MTF curves from images")
parser.add_argument('-z', '--horizontal', help='whether the image is horizontal', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--title', help='graph title')
parser.add_argument('-y', '--yvsmtf', help='plot y vs mtf at 10/20/30 lp/mm instead of the mtf function', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
fname = args.filename
plot_fname = fname.replace('.tiff', '_plot.png')
plot_fname = plot_fname.replace('.tif', '_plot.png')
data = imread(fname)[:,:].astype(float)
# if the *blade edge* runs vertically
if args.horizontal:
data = data.transpose()
height = data.shape[0]
xs = fft.rfftfreq(data.shape[1]-1, SAMPLE_SPACING_MM)
# indices into the arrays for 10, 20, and 30 lp/mm
x10lpmm_idx = round(interp(10, xs, range(0,len(xs))))
x20lpmm_idx = round(interp(20, xs, range(0,len(xs))))
x30lpmm_idx = round(interp(30, xs, range(0,len(xs))))
if args.yvsmtf:
xs = arange(0, height) * SAMPLE_SPACING_MM
# Only plot up to ~60 lp/mm, it bottoms out before then anyway, makes the plots
# easier to read
max_idx = len(xs)//2
mtf10 = empty(height)
mtf20 = empty(height)
mtf30 = empty(height)
for line_idx in range(0,data.shape[0]):
line = diff(data[line_idx,:])
fftdata = abs(fft.rfft(line))[0:max_idx]
fftdata /= max(fftdata)
if args.yvsmtf:
mtf10[line_idx] = fftdata[x10lpmm_idx]
mtf20[line_idx] = fftdata[x20lpmm_idx]
mtf30[line_idx] = fftdata[x30lpmm_idx]
plt.plot(xs[:max_idx], fftdata, linewidth = 1, color='black', alpha = .002)
if args.yvsmtf:
plt.plot(xs, mtf10, label='10 lp/mm')
plt.plot(xs, mtf20, label='20 lp/mm')
plt.plot(xs, mtf30, label='30 lp/mm')
plt.gca().set_xlabel('y position (mm)')
plt.gca().set_xlabel('Spatial Freq (lp/mm)')
if args.title:
plt.savefig(plot_fname, pad_inches=0)
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