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Created Jan 15, 2012
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Send a twitter message to a serial connection on an arduino
# Twitter stream analyser and serial activator (TSASA)
# This script analyses a twitter stream for keywords using the twitter
# streaming api - off the back of it, it then makes a serial request passing
# the message across to the serial device
# This was done fopr LCA2012 as an extension to the more code generator that
# Luke Weston build for the LeoStick
# Author: Andrew Fisher
# Version: 0.1
# Date: 15/01/2012
# Licence: BSD
# Dependencies:
# You'll need the tweetstream library - a "pip install tweetstream" should do it
# You'll need an arduino listening on a serial connection and with this library loaded onto it:
# Usage:
# Run from command line with python [opts]
# options are:
# --twitter-username=[user]
# --keywords=[comma separated list of keywords]
# --device=[path to serial device]
# --baud=[Baud rate to connect to]
# eg: python --twitter-username ajfisher --keywords "#lca2012" --device /dev/ttyACM0 --baud 38400
# Changelog:
# 0.1: Modification of tsana script to work with serial
import argparse
import getpass
import sys
import serial
from tweetstream import FilterStream
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Analyse a twitter stream and activate a URL once a keyword is found")
parser.add_argument('--twitter-username', '-u', dest="user",
required=True, help="A valid twitter user name" )
parser.add_argument('--twitter-password', '-p', dest="pwd",
required=False, help="Password for this twitter account can be left blank and you'll be asked for it" )
parser.add_argument('--keywords', '-k', dest="keywords",
required=True, help="A keyword list, comma separated, in quotes" )
parser.add_argument('--device', '-d', dest="serial_interface",
required=True, help="The serial device to send to" )
parser.add_argument('--baud', '-b', dest="baud_rate",
required=True, help="The baude rate of the serial connection" )
args = parser.parse_args()
# put the keywords in a list and strip any leading spaces resulting from the comma splitting
words = [word.lstrip() for word in args.keywords.split(",")]
print "\n\nTSASA - Twitter Stream Analyser and Serial Activator"
print "Searching for %s" % words
print "Will pass message to %s when one is found\n\n" % args.serial_interface
if args.pwd is None:
#password hasn't been supplied
args.pwd = getpass.getpass("Twitter password:")
ser = serial.Serial(args.serial_interface, args.baud_rate, timeout=60)
print "Serial timeout - check device %s and try again" % args.serial_interface
stream = FilterStream(args.user, args.pwd, track=words)
for tweet in stream:
print "+++++"
print tweet["user"]["screen_name"]
print tweet["text"]
ser.write("%s\n" % str(tweet["text"]))
except Exception, e:
print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()[0]
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