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Create a bind mount from a Proxmox host on an unprivileged lxc container

Proxmox Assign Bind Mount To Unprivileged Container

In order for the LXC container to have full access the proxmox host directory, a subgid is set as owner of a host directory, and an ACL is used to ensure permissions.

Bind Mount dataset to LXC

Add the following line to /etc/pve/lxc/<CT_ID>.conf


Create group on host

In the default Proxmox configuration, unpriviliged container subgids will have the prefix "10" followed by the expected 4-digit gid.

addgroup --gid <GID (ie."101000")> <GroupName (ie."container-data")>

Set ACL for shared dataset

Any members of -GID- will have "rwx", new files from -GID- have "rwx" default Note: documentation suggests the "-d" flag should be used to assign default, however I have been able to get the desired result without, so... take that as you will

chgrp -R <GroupName> <Dataset>
chmod -R 2775 <Dataset>
setfacl -Rm g:<GID>:rwx,d:g:<GID>:rwx <Dataset>

Inside your LXC container

Create group

GID needs to match the last 4 digits of the subgid assigned earlier

addgroup --gid <GID (ie."1000")> <GroupName (ie."container-data")>

Add users to new permitted group

usermod -aG <GroupName> <User>

You should now be able to make modifications to the assigned directory on the host system from within the unpriviliged container.


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Thanks, very useful

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oshlom commented Jul 31, 2022

Thank you
I found this useful as well

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unfortunatelly not worked for me. still getting permission error.

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