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jQuery Portland 2013 Prospective Speaker Q&A

You're Invited!

Have you been thinking about proposing a talk for jQuery Portland 2013? You should be! We're looking to put together a roster of speakers that can bring a diverse set of experiences together to create a program that goes above and beyond just what's new in jQuery.

A lot of folks convince themselves out of submitting because they're worried their idea "isn't on topic" or that "someone else 'better' will surely do that," so that's why tonight, Rebecca Murphey (@rmurphey and I (@ajpiano are hosting a live Q&A for people who are thinking about speaking but have questions and concerns.

We'll talk about how to put together your proposal and tips for preparing as a speaker, and we'll also brainstorm subjects for the kinds that could make for interesting talks in June. So even if you don't have an idea just yet, you could walk away from tonight with one!

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