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script for making users for multi-user RStudio
# Start an AWS instance with one of the AMIs provided by:
# Get this script and make executable.
# wget THE_RAW_URL
# chmod +x
# Then use this script to create many logins on the system.
# sudo ./ 50
# * This creates 50 users named datafriend1, datafriend2, ...
# * The passwords are the same as the user names.
# * The home directories are initialized with a copy of the "rstudio" user's
# home directory, so you can login as rstudio (pw: rstudio) first, get it
# set up how you want, and then run this script to create clones.
# Running the script again trashes all of those users and regenerates new ones.
# stop rstudio because it runs instances as the users we are trying to delete
rstudio-server stop
sleep 4 # might take time to release
# clear out any previously generated logins
existing_users=$(grep ^datafriend /etc/passwd | sed 's/:.*//')
if [ ! -z "$existing_users" ]; then
for user in $existing_users; do
deluser --remove-home $user > /dev/null
# Make new ones. (Specify the count on the comand line!)
for id in $(seq 1 $1); do
adduser \
--gid 1001 \
--home $userhome \
--no-create-home \
--quiet --gecos "" \
--shell /bin/false \
--disabled-password \
datafriend$id < /dev/null
cp -a /home/rstudio $userhome
chown -R datafriend$id $userhome
echo "datafriend$id:datafriend$id" | chpasswd
# start again
rstudio-server start
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