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Last active September 10, 2019 11:42
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p2p PR dashboard

As an idea to make it easier to keep track of review work for P2P related stuff, maybe we could use a github project as a dashboard.

Turns out you can do this on a personal project board by creating notes saying things like "bitcoin/bitcoin#16401" and it turns into a bitcoin PR like magic. So I've made a trial:

Should make it easy to pick what to work on:

  • high-pri has the big stuff; blockers, bug fixes, and nearly-ready-to-merge features
  • features and wip is where the big new stuff is
  • low-impact and internal are for smaller things
  • refactors are all segregated into the tech-debt column

Happy to add modify perms to the project/board on request

# Quick and dirty script that queries the github html pages for the project board columns and PRs by label, then works out the differences
curl 2>/dev/null{2532,2533,2747,2538,2526,2540,3275}/cards | grep href=./bitcoin/bitcoin/pull | sed 's,^.*href="/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/,,;s/">.*$//' | sort -u > PRs-on-board
curl 2>/dev/null ''{1,2,3,4}'&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aopen+label%3A'{P2P,Validation,\"TX+fees+and+policy\"} | grep 'id="issue_[0-9]*_link"' | sed 's,</a>,,;s,^.*<a id="issue_,,;s/_.*">/ /' | sort -u > PRs-with-labels
(cat PRs-on-board{,} ; sed 's/ .*//' < PRs-with-labels) | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | sed -n 's,^ *1 ,+ bitcoin/bitcoin#,p;s/^ *2 /- /p'
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