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Last active March 2, 2016 23:24
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if ( || !args.safeIds || !args.permission || !args.setting) {
var help = "\n\nThis utility helps to update users' permissions enmasse. \nThe utility expects the following parameters (REQUIRED):\n" +
"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n" +
"\t--safeIds=String\t\t-- Comma separate list of Safe IDs (NOT the serials)\n" +
"\t--permission=String\t-- Should be a single permission parameter\n" +
"\t--setting=String\t-- Value to pass to the safe for the permission (usually TRUE or FALSE)\n" +
" \n" +
"Optional parameters: \n" +
"\t--type=Enum\t\t-- Should be a comma separated list of EmployeeTypes (Exec,Manager,Clerk)\n" +
"\t\t\t\t (Defaults to Clerk, Courier is ignored)\n" +
"\t--test\t\t\t-- Do not send the request to the safe, but display the output in the console.\n\n";
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