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Last active Sep 27, 2021
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import re
import requests
import sys
TOKEN="*x-csrf-token Header*"
COOKIE="*__Host-session Cookie*"
USERNAME="*HackerOne Username*"
bugs = []
pages = 1
page = 1
while page <= pages:
sys.stderr.write(f"Fetching bugs page {page}...\n")
r ="",
"subject": "user",
"start_date": "2011-01-01",
"end_date": "2021-12-31",
"page": page
"x-csrf-token": TOKEN
"__Host-session": COOKIE
if "pages" in r.json():
pages = r.json()["pages"]
except Exception as e:
sys.stderr.write(f"{r.status_code} - {r.body[:100]}\n")
for bug in r.json().get("bugs", []):
page += 1
sys.stderr.write(f"Found {len(bugs)} reports. Processing...\n")
for i, bug in enumerate(bugs):
sys.stderr.write(f"Fetching bug {i + 1}/{len(bugs)} - {bug}...\n")
r = requests.get(f"{bug}.json",
"x-csrf-token": TOKEN
"__Host-session": COOKIE
bug = r.json()
platform = "HackerOne"
program = bug["team"]["profile"]["name"]
program_type = "Public" if bug["team"].get("state") == "public_mode" else ("LHE" if'[Hh]1-[0-9]+', bug["team"]["handle"] + bug["team"]["profile"]["name"]) else "Private")
report = str(bug["id"])
report_type = "Reporter" if bug.get("reporter", {}).get("username") == USERNAME else "Collaborator"
colaboration = bug.get("reporter", {}).get("username") != USERNAME
disclosed = bug["disclosed_at"] != None
submitted_date = bug["created_at"].replace("T", " ").split(".")[0]
triage_date = None
h1_triage = False
bounty_date = None
fixed_date = None
bounty = 0.0
bonus = 0.0
duplicate = bug["substate"] == "duplicate"
valid = bug["substate"] not in ["informative", "not-applicable", "spam"]
severity = bug.get("severity", {}).get("score") or {"none": 0.0, "low": 0.1, "medium": 4.0, "high": 7.0, "critical": 9.0}[bug.get("severity", {"rating" : "none"})["rating"]]
weakness = bug.get("weakness", {}).get("name") or "N/A"
asset = (bug.get("structured_scope") or {}).get("asset_identifier") or "N/A"
asset_type = (bug.get("structured_scope") or {}).get("asset_type") or "N/A"
for activity in bug["activities"]:
if activity["type"] == "Activities::BountyAwarded":
if activity.get("collaborator", {}).get("username") == USERNAME:
# Record the bounty date as the date of the first awarded bounty to the user
if bounty_date is None:
bounty_date = activity["created_at"].replace("T", " ").split(".")[0]
bounty += float(activity["bounty_amount"])
bonus += float(activity["bonus_amount"])
colaboration = True
elif activity["type"] == "Activities::BugResolved":
fixed_date = activity["created_at"].replace("T", " ").split(".")[0]
elif activity["type"] == "Activities::BugTriaged":
triage_date = activity["created_at"].replace("T", " ").split(".")[0]
if activity["actor"].get("hackerone_triager") or activity["actor"].get("hackerone_employee"):
h1_triage = True
except Exception as e:
raise e
# Only list reports which the user reported or was awarded a bounty or a bonus as a collaborator
if report_type == "Reporter" or (bounty + bonus) > 0.0:
cols = [platform, program, program_type, report, report_type, colaboration, h1_triage, disclosed, submitted_date, triage_date, bounty_date, fixed_date, bounty, bonus, duplicate, valid, severity, weakness, asset, asset_type]
print(", ".join({int: str, float: str, bool: str, None.__class__: "".format}.get(type(x), lambda y: f"\"{y}\"")(x) for x in cols))
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imran-parray commented Mar 29, 2021

This isn't working, After looping through the reports it just exists without printing the statistics.


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