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An Example of Mixpanel inside a SPA
//an example of Mixpanel implemented in a frameworkless SPA
//by AK
const app = {
init: function() {
console.log("app init!");
this.authUser().then((user) => {
//identify the user to Mixpanel
//make a user profiles
uuid: user.uuid,
role: user.userType
this.getAppData().then(() => {
//tell mixpanel the page loaded
mixpanel.track("app loaded");
//pass the app state to mixpanel
//these params are available to every subsquent .track() call
//they can be updated whenever we need
"current theme":,
"# of foos": app.DOM.foos.length,
"something about bar": [[0],[1],[1]],
"dont forget qux" : getQuxState()
//tell mixpanel to start a session; increment total # of sessions
mixpanel.track("Session Start");
mixpanel.people.increment("# of sessions");
//time the session, tell mixpanel the duration
mixpanel.time_event("Session End");
window.onbeforeunload = function() {
mixpanel.track("Session End");
//presumably a really great app would follow!
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