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# code snippet from python docs:
# Prerequisites
# - install MailCatcher <>
# - set me and you email addresses
# - create a mail-file.txt with some text content
# Import smtplib for the actual sending function
import smtplib
# Import the email modules we'll need
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
# Open a plain text file for reading. For this example, assume that
# the text file contains only ASCII characters.
textfile = 'mail-file.txt'
fp = open(textfile, 'rb')
# Create a text/plain message
msg = MIMEText(
me = ''
you = ''
msg['Subject'] = 'The contents of %s' % textfile
msg['From'] = me
msg['To'] = you
# Send the message via our own SMTP server, but don't include the
# envelope header.
s = smtplib.SMTP('')
s.sendmail(me, [you], msg.as_string())

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akaak commented Jan 30, 2016

screenshot of the mail that is seen in the local MailCatcher

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